In-Person VIP

In Minnesota or at your location (fees are higher, plus you pay all travel related expenses contact me directly).

This is what we will cover in your Virtual VIP Day Intensive:
First I will send you my welcome package to be crystal clear about what you want to accomplish. You will also receive a link to take a self-love quiz.
45 minute Pre-VIP day chat via Zoom.
We will work together to strengthen your self-love.
Create a Goddess style plan to light a spark within your soul so you can stand strong in your essence.
VIP days are days that are created just for you. It is one on one focused time designed specifically to propel you forward.

I will provide snacks, beverage, lunch and all materials.

Virtual 1/2 Day

This is a 1/2 day virtual VIP day to jump start your transformation (approximately 3 hours). Self-love assessment, 45 minute Pre-VIP zoom chat. We will use zoom to communicate with each other, so you can be anywhere. We will create a strong self-love foundation and make shift happen..

Service Features


If you want to grow and awaken to your true essence, you need to have awareness of who you are first. This doesn’t mean that you know everything about yourself – none of us do. But it does mean that you are ready to explore, discover, and commit to changes.


Clarity is one of the keys to living a life you love. Being clear about what you really want in life. Empowering YOU to transform your feelings. Get clear on what areas of self-love are weak. Focusing on bringing your true essence to light.


Self-love is a path, a practice, and a choice. It is an awareness you carry with you as a compass and a decision guide to how to love your life. Self-love is an everyday choice, not something you do on vacation or schedule in your calendar. Illuminate your self-love.


Let go of that which doesn’t serve you. The fears and the ideas of not being enough. No more dimming your light. It is time to shine! 

No more being afraid to shine and hold back your talents and your passions. Happy people contribute to positive actions.

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